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Our Price Beat Guarantee ensures you always receive the best price for your unregistered STCs!

CO2markets are a registered agent with the Clean Energy Regulator (CER) and are accredited ACPs under the NSW Energy Savings Scheme. We assist both businesses and individuals across Australia to monetise their environmental certificates.

CO2markets consistently offer the best daily market prices for your STCs. Our Price Beat Guarantee ensures you always get the best price - we not only match, we will beat any confirmed daily unregistered STC price on the market by a further 10c.***

CO2markets currently offer the following REC trading services:

The professional team at CO2markets can offer you special deals including hedging and fixed pricing options as well as provide advice on market trends and risk management.

With CO2markets you can ensure you are receiving the best price for your STCs with our Price Beat Guarantee, and with no administration fees or trading minimums, you’ve got nothing to lose.

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CO2markets reserves the right to retract any offer without notification.

Refer to CO2trading Pricing, less CO2markets admin fee and CER (Clean Energy Regulator) fees for more details.

* Prices are subject to change without notice. Refer to ‘live’ pricing on your CO2trading and CO2aggregation Portals.

** CO2Aggregation payment options:
1. Quick Pay = Next Business Day, 2. Premium Pay = 3 Business Days, 3. Best Rate = 7 Business Days. Note: all CO2aggregation payment options have NO CO2markets admin or CER (Clean Energy Regulator) fees. They are included.

*** Price Beat Guarantee applies only to day trading, under the same payment terms.

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